Vessel Services

  • Hatch
  • Pre – shipment Inspection
  • Discharge Supervision
  • Bunker Survey
  • Ballast water Sampling and Testing

Truck assessment and supervision Services

Services Provide at Load Point by ICRC Lab

  • Pre-loading supervision of dumpers/trucks
  • Inspection during loading
  • Sampling and Sample preparation
  • Weightment supervision
  • Physical Test
  • Quality Testing

Services Provide at Unloading Point by ICRC Lab

  • Unloading Supervision
  • Quantity monitoring
  • Quality Testing and supervision
  • Physical Analysis: Density analysis, Size Analysis
  • Chemical Analysis for all desired parameters as per client requirement
  • Periodic Stock Assessment

Operating Stockyards

  • Proper and high stacking
  • Volumetric assessment of stockyard quantity
  • Taking necessary measures for fire prevention
  • Providing supervision facility for all other environmental stipulations

Store Stock Verification service

Physical store verification of the stock is necessary Because

  • To verify the accuracy of stock in records
  • To disclose the possibility of fraud, theft or loss or deterioration
  • To reveal the weakness of the system

Stock verification is necessary because:

  • It minimizes pilferage & fraudulent practices
  • It ensures accuracy & usefulness of documents
  • It brings about a reconciliation of the stock records and documents
  • It identifies areas for more disciplined document control
  • It backs up the balance sheet stock figures for store verification being the task of the material audit department

Plant assessment and supervision Services

Production and plant services

  • In-plant services
  • Operational support
  • On-site laboratories
  • Water treatment services
  • Oil sands
  • Feeder quantity monitoring and Analysis
  • Commercial product assessment , handling and Anaysis

Rake Assessment & Supervision

Services Provide at Load Point

  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Inspection during loading into wagons
  • Sampling and Sample preparation
  • Quantity monitoring and Analysis
  • Physical Test

Physical Verification

ICRC Provide Physical Verification – Coal, Coke, Fines, Quartzite, Limestone, Dolomite, Oxide, HBI, Miscellanies

Physical stock verification Benefits

  • Transparent evaluation of the inventory for financial reports, excise duty, loans compliance with national and other regulatory requirements.
  • Data to help plan and manage your purchasing and stock administration.
  • Rapid calculations of inventory, including daily provisional reports

Physical stock verification method follows as:

  • Manual Method
  • Mechanical method
  • Drone survey

Containers Survey and Services

  • Dry & Reefer – Sea / Cargo worthiness
  • Stuffing & De-stuffing of cargo
  • Securing of cargo
  • Seal & External condition inspection
  • Container damage services
  • Container Repair Inspection
  • Produce Cargo Surveys

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